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At any wedding you are likely to encounter some sort of rivalry. Whether it is the jealousy that comes with your sister beating you to the walk down the aisle, the brothers who were or were not chosen as groomsmen or the simmering rivalry which comes when two different families become in-laws, it can often be easier to acknowledge and embrace that rivalry on the big day. For example, you may want to consider organising for mobile casino hire on your wedding day to allow all of your guests to engage in some friendly competition and channel their rivalry into a constructive, and ultimately fun, outlet. Wedding Games Hire London

At Mobile Casino Hire we can supply you with a number of poker or roulette tables to entertain the guests at your wedding. In setting up casino tables at your wedding, you give your family (and friends) the opportunity to go up against each other, act on the feelings of competition they may have, and have fun with some of the most popular casino games around. Also, once the initial competition has worn off, your wedding games will allow all of your guests to mingle, get to know each other and see that they are not so different after all.

You can also choose to set up your wedding games as they are in a traditional casino, where the ‘house’ takes the players’ losses. In this instance the ‘losses’ could pay for the wedding games’ hire. Alternatively you could still collect the losses of your guests, but make them aware that the money is going towards your wedding registry or honeymoon expenses. Or you can simply set up your wedding games to allocate each guest a certain amount of playing chips so that no one wins or loses, and the casino tables are some unique wedding entertainment for guests of all ages.

For more information about organising wedding games to encourage some ‘friendly’ rivalry between your guests, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.




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