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Poker can be a lot of fun and one of the reasons for that – besides being able to dupe your mates and win mountains of money – is because there are so many variations of the game, there is one to suit your mood, your group, your skills and your venue.

When you hire a casino poker table from mobile casino hire for a night of professional poker playing at home, your dealer will be familiar with all of the variations of poker, but why not consider playing stud poker for a variation on the more common themes, and engage in one of the original versions of the game.

Stud poker itself also has a number of variations where each player receives a mix of face up and face down cards which are dealt in multiple betting rounds. Stud poker also differs in that the games are traditionally non-positional, meaning that the player who bets first in each round changes from round to round; usually the player whose face up cards show the best hand bets first.

The cards which are dealt face down to each player in stud poker are called hole cards, and while you probably already know that poker is responsible for giving us the saying ‘up the ante’ stud poker gives us the expression ‘ace in the hole’ meaning a player may have something valuable, which is not apparent to their poker buddies.

Three card stud poker was exceptionally popular during the American Revolutionary war, with five card stud first appearing during the American Civil War. More recently seven card stud is more common and is what you will find played in most casinos, however when you hire a poker table for your night at home, you can choose the variation of stud poker which you like the best.

For more information about creating a casino atmosphere in your home with a few rounds of stud poker, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

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