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With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) touching all aspects of our lives, many of you will have noticed a number of luxuries in your lives falling by the wayside. One of these luxuries which you are now doing without may be nights out with your mates, because by the time you pay taxi fares and cover charges, spend more money on drinks or dinner, there’s not a lot of change left from your weekly wages anymore.

However, with everyone trying to tighten their belts in the current economic climate it is important to remember that your friends and your social interactions are some of the most important assets you have, and they make you who you are. So before you veto a night out on the advice of the moths now residing in your wallet, consider a night in with mobile casino hire.

Casino nights can be held anywhere, at any time and they don’t require a cover charge, taxi fares or a stream of expensive drinks sent to impress the blonde at the bar. Instead, when you plan a casino night at your place or a friend’s, you are hiring much more than just a poker table or roulette wheel.

It’s important to cut back when times are tough, but it’s also equally important to be able to have the chance to have fun, catch up with friends and let down your hair, even if it is only one night a month at your mate’s place when you plan a casino night. Make casino nights your new regular get together and you can even save on your hire costs with bulk and regular customer discounts.

Casino nights are an affordable hire option as your ‘losses’ to ‘the house’ can go towards the hire, and there is no pressure to bet more than you can afford, as there in the casino in the city.

So for more information about saving your social life in times of an economic downturn, contact Mobile Casino Hire now to find out how you can organise an affordable casino night in.

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