Casino Table Sizes

As part of our fun casino hire package we aim to offer great advice and information to our clients for their events. As part of this advice we are pleased to provide the sizes of our Fun Casino tables over a range of the popular events. These sizes are approx. and so can alway varie slightly. 

Each of our fun casino tables comes complete with a member of staff for the set up, running of each table and the breakdown after the event.

You'll be pleased to find dimensions of :-

Roulette table hire

Dice table hire

Poker/Blackjack table hire (Card games)

Wheel of Fortune table comes complete with a card table for the prizes and additions etc.

For more information on fun casino hire in Kent , London, Essex and Surrey - Simply contact a member of our customer services team.






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Poker Table Hire Poker HireRoulette Hire

For Christmas Fun Casino Hire which games appeal to you more ?
Roulette Table Hire

Poker Table Hire

BlackJack Table Hire

Texas Hold'em


Wheel Of Fortune Hire

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